Herb cheddar

The cuisine of the Caribbean is defined by the use of herbs and spices. We have created the perfect blend of herbs that will both enhance the cheesiness of our cheese straws and dial up the addiction. Our herb cheddar cheese straws are robust and scream the Caribbean with every bit. The rich cheesiness of our cheese straws combines with our unique blend of herbs and spices will leave you craving for more. If bold flavours are what you crave then we have the one for you, our herb cheddar boasts a combination of fresh Chive, garlic, celery and thyme that coalesce to create a next level explosion of flavor that will have your mouth watering just thinking about it, we dear you to just try one!

Contains: wheat, cheese, mustard, soy. May contain celery

Cheese: free from animal rennet

Original Cheddar

Habanero Cheddar

Pimento Cheddar