Born and raised in the only English-speaking country in South America – Guyana – is a multicultural society and much like Trinidad this is reflected in the food we prepare. Guyanese trace their heritage to every corner of the world, but especially Africa, India, China, and Portugal and to the indigenous populations for whom the region has always been home.

Living in Trinidad for over 10 years has made this country as much of a home, as Guyana is, since both countries have contributed in different ways to who we are and most importantly in the food shared at our table.

The food in Guyana is diverse; it is in that where similarities with Trinidad can be found. You can find curry and roti in both countries; bake and salt-fish, oil down in Trinidad is known as metemgee in Guyana, cook up rice in Guyana is known as pelau in Trinidad and the list goes on. However, there a few dishes which are synonymous with each country like Trinidad with its doubles, cheese straws are unique to Guyana.   

Cheese straws are a classic Guyanese treat. They are a crispy, buttery, subtly spicy snack made with cheese. Usually served as an appetizer, cheese straws are also delicious as a snack. 

Traditionally, people enjoy cheese straws as a delectable cocktail treat, appetizers at weddings, bridal, baby showers and other special gatherings.  Cheese straws also pair perfectly with wine, beer and mixed drinks. 

More often than not those dishes that are synonymous with our country of birth are the things we miss the most about being away from home. We miss having traditional Guyanese cuisine. 

It is this desire to fulfill that craving that Ambrosia Foods was formed to provide the taste of home to those that miss it and to gift the people that call Trinidad home a taste of their South American neighbour. 

About our Company

Ambrosia Foods Limited, formerly Ambrosia Foods, began trading in Trinidad and Tobago as a Partnership in 2017 and was incorporated in August 2021. 

Ambrosia Foods Limited was born out of the desire to make Guyanese snacks readily available to the Guyanese Diaspora living in Trinidad and Tobago and to introduce to the Trinbago market a taste of Guyana at the same time, bring diversity to the local snack industry. 

In 2017 we introduced a line of cheese straws making it the first company to offer four (4) flavors of the snack. We began producing out of a domestic kitchen supplying over fifty (50) locations in Trinidad and eventually moved to a dedicated facility in 2019. Our products are now available in almost 100 retail locations across Trinidad & Tobago.

To date we have grown into company that seeks to produce innovative Caribbean snacks which utilize local inputs. We are on a mission to celebrate the wholesome ingredients that are available right here in the Caribbean by updating and expanding traditional Caribbean snacks for the modern consumer with an eye to competing on the international stage.